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Meet Stella: Your New AI Assistant

It's now easier and more affordable than ever to bring customizable AI to your website.

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From URL to AI Assistant in Minutes

1. Input Website

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2. Stella Learns

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3. Customize Stella

Add your branding, refine conversations, and make Stella yours.

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Integrate effortlessly with a single line of JavaScript.

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Simple Pricing for Every Business

Whether you're a startup, growing business, or large enterprise, Stella has a plan to suit your needs.

Base Plan

Ideal for Startups and Small Businesses. Kickstart your AI chatbot journey with essential features designed to enhance customer engagement.


  • 100 GPT-4 messages included
  • $0.25 per additional message
  • Basic analytics
  • Single chatbot instance
  • Standard support
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Pro Plan

Perfect for Growing Businesses. Unlock advanced features for expanding needs and multiple use cases to better serve your growing customer base.


  • 1000 GPT-4 messages included
  • $0.25 per additional message
  • Advanced analytics
  • Up to 3 chatbot instances
  • Basic integrations
  • Priority support
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Enterprise Plan

Customized Solutions for Large Enterprises. Tailored for high-volume demands and specialized requirements, offering fully customized AI solutions.

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  • 5000 GPT-4 messages included
  • Custom over-usage rate
  • Advanced analytics
  • Unlimited chatbot instances
  • Custom integrations
  • Dedicated support
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Frequently asked questions

If you can't find what you're looking for, email our support team.
For an even faster response, Ask Stella!

    • What is Stella?

      Stella is your website's new best friend—an intuitive AI chatbot designed to boost customer engagement and turn visitors into happy customers.

    • How does Stella work?

      Stella uses cutting-edge AI to understand and respond to customer queries in real-time, providing accurate and helpful information effortlessly.

    • Can Stella be customized?

      Absolutely! Stella can be tailored to match your brand's voice and style, ensuring a seamless and consistent customer experience.

    • Is Stella easy to integrate?

      Yes! Stella can be integrated into your website with a single line of code. It's as simple as it gets. We also provide guides for popular platforms to make the process even smoother.

    • Does Stella support multiple languages?

      Yes, Stella speaks multiple languages, helping you connect with a global audience.

    • What kind of support is available for Stella?

      We provide 24/7 support to assist you with any questions or issues. Stella's team is always here to help.

    • How secure is Stella?

      Stella prioritizes security, ensuring all customer data is protected and handled with the utmost care. For more details, refer to our Privacy Policy.

    • What are the pricing options for Stella?

      We offer flexible pricing plans to suit businesses of all sizes. Please refer to the pricing section above for detailed information.

    • How do I get started with Stella?

      Simply enter your website URL to train Stella for free. Choose the plan that fits your needs and deploy Stella with one line of JavaScript. Get started today.